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The Ultimate Guide to Making Workplace Connections | Advice for Make a Friend Day 2022

As it is Make a Friend Day in the US next week, we thought it would be interesting to share vital tips to create a meaningful workplace network of connections! It may be surprising but it has been proven that having workplace connections and relationships can increase your happiness and productivity levels! People at work have been found to make 100 times fewer mistakes when they are connected with their team. 

Why Making Workplace Connections Matters?

Have you found yourself Googling “how do I start thriving at work?” Or maybe, “how to avoid burnout?”. What If I told you that creating meaningful workplace connections or relationships may be the way forward?

As remote working continues to be the strategy for many workplaces, having connections at work is increasingly becoming important. Specifically, working from home can be incredibly lonely, especially if you live alone. Similarly, working collaboratively can also be difficult when the team are all working remotely. Of course, remote working can also bring some issues with work from home IT support! Nothing worse than an error code you don’t understand.

Essentially, the way workplace connections help is through having access to support. Working from your workplace does mean that you’ll likely have access to more people, but even working remotely, the online network created would be beneficial! The use of a support system at work will mean that employees are often more comfortable with their working environment. Therefore, aspects such as their productivity levels usually benefit from this.

How-To Make Workplace Connections as Staff Member?

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can create a workplace support network – some of which are applicable if you’re a member of staff and some if you’re part of the management team.

Firstly, if you’re a member of staff, finding things which you may have in common with your team and colleagues might be a possible option. For example, finding a common interest may make it possible to connect with your colleagues outside of work time. As a result, you may form a bond with several colleagues!

Secondly, being open with your role and sharing your tasks can help your colleagues understand your role within the company. Essentially, this can bring you closer to your team, especially if your role focuses on a different department.

How-To Make Workplace Connections as Manager?

So, as a colleague or team member, there are certainly ways to initiate more meaningful connections. Though, as a team leader or manager, you will be able to make a more considerable impact on workplace connections,

Firstly, keeping the company’s values at the forefront is incredibly important. This is due to the fact that staff members can relate to them and create a sense of belonging as a result. Also, celebrating both wins while offering support for any losses can also be incredibly beneficial. This highlights to your staff members that you’re highlighting your workplace support system!

Also, ensuring that information is constantly flowing to each member of your team is important. If everyone is up-to-date with a company and team developments, a sense of community can be enforced. More importantly, critical information should always be available so no member of staff is left behind.

Of course, having well-selected managers and team leaders who are passionate about their role and the company is essential. Especially when promoting from within your current team as they theoretically already have the workplace connections required to thrive at their new role. Although, it could be argued that ensuring everyone has a voice within the company is important, also. Through the use of an equal (or nearly equal) voice, any issues or concerns will likely rise quickly. As a result, they can be dealt with swiftly which ensures the flow of information continues.

We hope you enjoy Make a Friend Day 2022! Remember, let’s start making those connections. Will you implement any of these ideas into your team? Let us know by commenting below!

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